Hi, my name is Kim and I am passionate about nature and pets.  Growing up, I lived and traveled the world, camera in tow. I have never been with out pets, my entire life. I even snuck a dog into my dorm in College!  I continued to nurture my passion for both nature and pet photography by becoming certified as a nature photographer, obtaining a degree in Zoology, and continuing my therapy dog work. It’s simple, give back.

Prior to becoming a photographer, I worked in the medical industry. My passion for providing artwork to that industry began at that time. Meanwhile, my love for pets in therapy work sessions at hospitals and homes continued to grow. It’s simple, give back.

I take these images to bring joy to lives of those that spend time in hospitals. I create animal portraits, because I love animals, because I know how much joy they bring, and most importantly that their time can be fleeting.

Award winning certified nature photographer

Advanced coursework in all aspects of photography

Member of the Professional Photographers Association

Member Morton Arboretum Photographic Society

My Goal is to capture the spirit that is revealed as art in all that I  photograph. Creating smiles and connections that can be treasured forever is a quest that I truly enjoy! 




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